Solutions-Net Metering

No Rule Breaking

If you are worried about Net-metering being illegal than fret no more. NEPRA has already issued regulations regarding it a couple of years back.

It means there is nothing illegal in Net-metering and it goes for both commercial and residential meters. Laws don’t restrict you to use the facility on the basis of meter you have.

The Tech

The bi-directional meter will be integrated with the solar panels to enable Net- metering. A three-phase electricity connection is required that can inject and offset the unused electricity to the national grid. Once electricity is offset, the units will be adjusted in the next bill.

Benefits Of Net-Metering

Cost-saving would definitely top the chart when we count the benefits of this facility. It doesn’t only enable you to produce excess electricity but it also provides control over your electric bill.

If you want to use the solar panels most efficiently then there is nothing better than being able to control your billing. It will no more be a dream only as it can make you regulate the amount you have to pay as a bill for real.

It is light on the wallet as well. It is high tech for sure but surprisingly, it doesn’t require you to pay an arm and a leg. It becomes even more fascinating when you count the long term benefits.

If you want to use solar panels smartly then you should not ignore Net-metering. When you are using Net-metering zero amount of energy will be wasted.